Splufix Applications

Splufix makes your projects & tasks a resounding success

Project Management

Splufix covers the scope, schedule and reporting modules. Project initiating, requirements collection, planning, executing, closing, reporting and also operations phases can all be done using the Splufix software

Task Management

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Cross-Functional/Remote Teams Collaborations

Splufix ensures seamless collaborations among cross-functional, co-located, intra-functional and remote teams. There are features that allow users to add peers and guests to specific projects and tasks.

Personal Planner

Users can set reminders for future tasks and the Splufix tool will remind them of the tasks on the required dates. Users can use Splufix to plan their activities for each month or year.


This feature aggregates all the activities within various projects and tasks for which the user is responsible. These aggregates are sent to the user’s in-tray.

Reporting Tool

Periodic reports can be issued to team members directly from the users’ Splufix account. Team members can either review the reports in the projects and tasks folders or download for offline reviews.