About Us

What makes Splufix unique?

To ensure the success of your projects, tasks and team collaborations, Splufix has developed a crowd-sourced library of scope-breakdown documents which helps in reducing project planning and scope definition efforts by 50%; thus freeing up extra time for professionals to expend their efforts on other areas of the project.

The Splufix software has the full spectrum of project management, task management, team collaboration and personal planning modules that ensures the success of your projects and tasks.

Sustainability is about working together!

Professionals from various works of life and different countries are contributing their previously used Scope Breakdown documents to the Splufix library. To ensure global sustainability, various personnel who have completed any projects or tasks can scrub their final scope breakdown document of confidential information, trademarks, copyrights etc. and share their updated documents into the Splufix library.

These scope breakdown documents will help other professionals save thousands of man-hours that would have been spent on developing similar types of documents for their own projects and tasks. To maintain hundreds of thousands of relevant scope breakdown documents in the Splufix library, experts are also hired to develop scope breakdown documents and submit to the library. To submit your current scope breakdown, kindly send it in any format to info@splufix.com. We will get in touch.

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