Team Collaboration & Project Management Tool

Sustainable Agile Strategy for Project and Tasks Management.

What if you never have to develop a scope breakdown for your projects and tasks again? Because Splufix and other experts did it for you! You can save 50% of the project planning phase by using Splufix.

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SplufixHow to make projects and tasks management more sustainable?

By using crowd-sourced detailed Scope Breakdown documents from the Splufix library, the likelihood of success for your projects and tasks is enhanced.

Scope Breakdown Library

Studies show that one of the main causes of projects and team-tasks failure is insufficiently defined scope baseline. The Splufix library helps you resolve this challenge.

Project Integration & Team Collaboration

Splufix ensures that the scope & schedule baselines for your project are well defined and assessable as a tool to members of your team.

Personal Task Planning

Using the “In Tray” feature, Splufix helps users to strategize, structure and plan their tasks in ways that increases the likelihood of success for their projects and tasks.

Agile Developments

Experts have shown that about a Trillion US Dollars is lost annually due to poor project management practices around the world. The immense amount of efforts required by personnel to develop fully-defined scope breakdown at the outset of projects and tasks have made too many professionals commence their projects without a scope baseline and thus increasing the likelihood of failure and cost wastage. The Splufix software cuts the efforts required to develop a scope baseline in half, thereby increasing the likelihood of projects and tasks success and eliminating the potentials for cost wastage.

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